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life is worth living…so stop all that talk about work

i was interviewed…yes me… jejeje <- spanish for hahaha

sharing this from a friends blog.. another lady with the power and the guts to live a life outside the box….

thank you laura of MBSB for including me in your blog and world

go here -> work less, live more



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musing from big city living

the rush of people

the energy …it vibrates

push, shove, run, grumble


its those labeled “unusual” by society that still strike up a converstaion

the old, the homeless, the forgotten, the “crazy”, the new comers, the drunks and the “queers”

..i have had the best and most strange of conversations with these “unusual” types

i laugh out loud at the bulging chaos


i want to cry when i feel the suffocating energy of negativity.

toronto with its green spaces, clean streets,  the smell of fall, random conversations overheard on the 3rd world  public transportation system, family, friends, music and yes even the snow

…compete against manicured lawns, dog parks, the angry and the egos…. me first get  out of my way!!

fast, judgmental, scared, mean, sad and oh so grey ( whatever happened to the other colours? )

head down

don’t talk to me…im not listening

snarl, frown …tuned out.


butterflies, sunshine…ODing on vit. D and no TTC makes me  = home

meow =^..^=b


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back in paradise

“they” say to newbies  

“welcome to tulum, be careful of the fall”


” either adopts you are aborts you”

its a rocky landing for most everyone in fact…so my experiences, although being somewhat overwhelming and even painful at the time…are now lessons learned…one hopes ….

i did leave for several weeks, and now i am back….

cabana 1 @ Zamas

enjoying the view from the deck @ La Zebra

kitty + butter = love @ Mateo's Mexican Grill

breakfast at the beach -> not a bad way to start ones day

in the short time i was away…. so much changed in tulum and within myself.

a Chedraui was built in 8 weeks

the adventure continues….buckle up kids….this IS going to be like riding the road into Sian Ka’an

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