can you feel it?



feeling it yet?


wait for it….


its coming




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” you are so lucky”

I live in paradise.

It’s not just the view…

view from the “window” of my office

Or the land…

it surely helps, yes

………..the people

dancing on the raft

the critters

diamond eyes

dave and oscar

recycling and composting units

and the food -> most certainly !!!!!

fresh fish fry up

pollo frito y plantian

tradition seafood and lobster Rondon soup at Bridget’!

no better way to start your day then food made with LOVE

But truly, it’s the disconnect.

lil cast away

I  recently realized I have been detached from the world around me.

Thinking to myself…

“ is this all real?  What does it look like from another eyes.”

 and “…why….does it really matter?”

kitty’s mewwwwwwzings…meow

there is a stunning beauty and a calmness, that comes from standing in an empty baseball field on a tropical jungle island

the path into “town” an earthy heavily worn passage yet still only single file width surrounded on all sides by dense lush jungle. A tropical wonderland of flora, fauna and detritus

… chip bags, plastic bottles, candy and cookie wrappers of all sorts and over ripened mangos that are scattered everywhere making the air smell sweet enough to eat.

mid trek snaking

Yes paradise ….es muy sucio, and multifaceted

“You are so lucky!” is what I hear

definition of luck = success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions

No, I am not lucky…

I just dared to make the leap from the “box” so many of us get stuck in



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halloween + day of the dead

3 days of dress up = paradise of this kitty

gatita diabla y el chingon

no rest for the dead  at WALMART

even the dead need to pay the bills

baked goodies for the day of the dead

pan de dia de muertos

miau = meow en espanol

dia de las muertos

miss =^..^= b

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