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4.21 pet me show

was a smashing sucsess i must say

i made art..


i smiled and giggled

happy pet me kitty

i ate cake

gluten free yumminess

and so many of my wonderful peeps came

i have the best peeps

and lets not forget the band


and the big bad wolf

BBW singing my bday song xo

good times indeed


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a friend  wrote me to say

–> Adventurous is one way i would describe you.. and fearless <–

i laughed so hard i fall off my chair (: (: (:

i’m so good at making it all look easy and without any fears…i deserve an oscar for this performance



UPDATE –> halokitty and i have been test driving around the city….she seems to prefer the drivers seat to being the passenger

... i may be riding shotgun instead 😉


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