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lucky 2 thousand and MINE

so here it is…my first blog on the “luckiest day of the year” so i am told. 01.23.09

i have been afflicted with the hello kitty virus
it causes me endless hours of giggling and squeaking out loud.
i am a hello kitty tagger
and it is here i will share stories and pictures of my ryde:
the humps, the flows, the ditches, the paths, lessons learned and the highs of this wild ryde we call life

………feeling a wee bit loco, time for some sneaky dee’s styled mexican …cheap and good yummy grub…new bathroom sinks were a lovely surprise…so shiny!

characters in my life;

HK: my bff hello kitty

calamity jane:  my favorite faggyfemboi cook …but calamity may also refer to a disaster or terrible event 😛

brunch with HK  and calamity jane

brunch with HK and calamity jane

i had the

BURRO FAVORITO scrambled eggs, sausage & cheese grilled in a floured tortilla topped with mole salsa, served with rice, beans and ensalada
calamity jane

calamity jane had  the GRINGO brekkie

coffee and meal cost us less than 20 bucks ………..i smell a deal

HK @ sneaky dee's

HK @ sneaky dee's


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