scratching post


sleep for 12 hours

awake for 12

sit around…waiting for all of it

how can one be tired without every moving

count off  4 x a day

1, 2 , 3….*4* that’s me…last rung

the runt.

sit, sleep

sleep, shit

wake up, be quiet

shower…sorry no



rice and water and white bread too

reading time…

“oh not you runt…no books no bra…no you cannot exercise

count off

1, 2, 3, 4.


love, desire, crave

…I deserve more  

   New encounters are enchanting.  

  Dazed and delighted            

 ….they can see it.

  His voice awakens the beast  within                                                            

 My caged heart longs for release



    Needing to give…


 Drunken Harlot

Coffee in the morning

Vodka and sodas at night

Kitty snuggly tucked in her purse, she skips out the door giggling

The street lights dance

Another vodka soda…make it a double please

The sounds of the streets, the  bleating cries of amateur barflies

………turn the music up…….louder,  harder..

 clad in fishnets and panties, skin sweat kissed and glistening

sips of vodka

she eyes the room…goes for a smoke

sees her catch of the evening

Licks her paws , straightens her whiskers, and purrrrs

“Another vodka and soda, please”



I live among the natives, I like them and they me

I speak the language,

I know the local and affordable places to din and dance

the short cuts, back alleys and the hidden gems

But still, I am a stranger here…living in a foreign land

When not drowning it out with new sights, sounds and experiences…

A crackle comes over the announcement system, a barely intelligible voice…

“paging-> miss kitty……. miss kitty, this is not your home…..please stay on the ride until we stop at your destination…thank you.”

I dream of home…excitement builds each day to feel its soil under my feet

What does it look like, smell like?

What is its national flower?

Does the sun rise in the north and set in the south, with a glowing orange moon?

Does it have mountains made of clouds…. waterfalls of vodka?

The journey is long when you’re not quiet sure where the ride is headed

so ….I fasten my seat belt and keep an eye on the road ahead

Enjoying the numerous attractions and adventures along the way

….. always keeping watch for that  posted sign…

“Welcome Home”


Crane City 2008


Crane City 2008

Cranes to build

Cranes to load and unload

An orgy of orange cranes litter the waterfront

The population of cranes is as large as the mountains



My hatred fades into dislike – My wants become desires

Adoration grows into love – My tears make me smile

and when i cry it forces laughter to explode from within


what’s for supper?

I seek to understand my dislikes.

I do not hate.

I do not want -> I crave.

I love and adore

I laugh when I cry

“I’m starved.”

….feasting on a can of desires

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