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a – CHOO

gluten ……… a special type of protein that is commonly found in rye, wheat and barley… is found in most types of cereals and in many types of bread. hell it seems to be in everything and be a big part in making your food stay together when it is cooked.

this word was not in my vocabulary 10 months ago.

the lemon aid diet i did back in december, although not my cup of tea to do did provide me with some new insight and i do actually feel better and have fewer food issues now….i’ve sampled cheese, goat is tasty. i’ve had some  beer, one is fine but 3 is too many. i’m off butter but back on eggs. i had some dark chocolate..lovely! seems dairy is less of an issue.

i also have my appointment with the allergist….my first step in trying to assess what is happening to me….am i allergic to some foods, is it a sensitivity or is it all psychosomatic?

not left = not allergic

and apparently….

nor is the other left

nor is the other left

yep..not even to  berries!!! all those times i broke out in hives, had soft tissue swelling of the lips, tongue, face, nausea, feeling hot and itchy and the pain…was nothing?

i sorta feel like going a lil crazy and eating a bunch of raspberries….but i keep thinking about that bottle of wine i had a few years back…just 2 glasses with dinner in 2007……woke up the next morning my  face on fire..swollen face and neck, red from the cheeks down to my throat..prickly rash covering my entire back, my tongue thickening …off to the hospital i went that day. …and what about the recurring  eczema and hives i’ve had over the past few years…but less and less as i have ruled out more and more foods.

allergic…not allergic?

allergist doc x. says “no”

i’m going with my physical reactions and doing more research before i eat that dreamy strawberry shortcake *yum yum*


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2, to, too, and two…

the 2’s have it all……….being a fan of the number 2….i thought it worthy of a mention that 2day a  2zzzzzday

………the 2nd of the second month is Sid Vicious’s , of  The Sex Pistols, anniversary of his death


……yes you guessed it, @ 22……

he joined the band in february of 1977…and was dead 2 years later

*note to self*

never do your mums’ junk when everyone is sleeping and you just got outta jail.

RIP Sid.


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bye bye bop is losing large sized night club venues, great for seeing live shows faster than a person with Alzheimer’s will forget your name….say good bye to …. the big bop…a three level warehouse style party venue for dj’s, originally, but spread to live shows…all ages..punk… metal, alternative shows and circuses,  fetish nights, dark raves,  jazz, blues,  rock n roll, and of course booze, debauchery and good times

….closing parties were nightly and i felt compelled to celebrate all of them.  this is the establishment i spent my 19th birthday..getting so wasted i barely recall anything more then my bff of the day barfing on me and having to leave early…..awwwww the memoires.

i spent new years eve there at subspace….addicted to the dance floor

to tired to walk home

taxi’s are easy to come by at 6am (-;

..and i also went to the last subspace party 23.01.10…i just cannot stop dancing in my underwear.

good bye party #3 you

24.01.10 went to the random killing, class assansins and g-men show…we’re not so old that we cannot rock out on a SINday night.  good to see some of the gang  from yesteryear…apparently i am..was a legend???

..lolololololololol *blushes*

bye bye #4 ..with an last minute add of a 5th party

downstairs ..the kathederal was offering a FREE all ages, good bye bop, help haiti, punk/psycho-billy show with the matadors, the heatskores and others…it was pack with 20 somethings..i hoped, more likely  teenagers by the number of them that had no “in-out” privileges…i tripped up stairs for a a peek a boo…and guess who is about to go on stage?

paul di’anno

the original iron maiden singer

* note to self… kitty needs to focus*

it really was him

bald, gold teeth, limping off stage and lost his voice…yet it was the first night of his north american tour.. :~#

again kitty danced the night away…

meeting friends on the dance floor

……so thankful for the new parka for the chilly early morning walk home (:


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