musing from big city living

the rush of people

the energy …it vibrates

push, shove, run, grumble


its those labeled “unusual” by society that still strike up a converstaion

the old, the homeless, the forgotten, the “crazy”, the new comers, the drunks and the “queers”

..i have had the best and most strange of conversations with these “unusual” types

i laugh out loud at the bulging chaos


i want to cry when i feel the suffocating energy of negativity.

toronto with its green spaces, clean streets,  the smell of fall, random conversations overheard on the 3rd world  public transportation system, family, friends, music and yes even the snow

…compete against manicured lawns, dog parks, the angry and the egos…. me first get  out of my way!!

fast, judgmental, scared, mean, sad and oh so grey ( whatever happened to the other colours? )

head down

don’t talk to me…im not listening

snarl, frown …tuned out.


butterflies, sunshine…ODing on vit. D and no TTC makes me  = home

meow =^..^=b


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2 thoughts on “musing from big city living

  1. ……plain and simple,I love your writing, love and hugs, Shirley xxoo

    • hellomisskitty

      yayayayaya shirley….i am so happy to read your words….and thank you so very much for the kind words about my writing….i think dad would agree and be happy that i am continuing in his path of reading and writing ..much love to you and a happy belated bday to you and your sister xoxox ❤

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