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fear and loathing

i jetted off to henderson, nevada last week and called it “home” for a few days

sin city and i just don’t see eye to eye

at the foot of the startosphere

so i kept my money and ran to the desert

desert driving

desert driving

red rock is gorgeous…but the naming of things is……………..

RED rock

RED rock

well, simply put…..unimaginative.

calico range

the Calico range

no matter what the name…. beautiful views!


road runners are NOT PURPLE and BLUE

road runner

keeping six for mr. Wile E. Coyote

who knew


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the latest in fashion….accessorize “the hini”

are you getting the H1N1 shot?

tornto is going nuts…all forms of media coverage telling us where, when, and how to get to the closest clinic

….hotlines..line ups..worries about running out of the vaccine…people “jumping” the line.

statements such as “1000’s of body bags have been ordered”’s either we have not been told the whole story and we are all going to die, or our governments and the pharmaceutical industry is “cashing in” on the regular person fearĀ  and panic emotions.

i have not ever had the flu shot…and *knocks on wood* i have been flu free for several years..colds sure but nothing major

but i may take some precautions this year..cause these are just too cute NOT to wear

kitty flu mask

here piggy piggy….


…..if hello kitty is not your style try one of these


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2 sleeps

it feels likeĀ  i have spiders crawling in my stomach i’m soooooo excited


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