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beets, pickles and a lil lamb

i have been visiting local organic markets that pop up all over the city in our “summer” months, so a friend of mine suggested i come visit her local market in the park…… Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market

a little smaller  then i had expected but was up under the canopy of the trees closer to it a small town market feel………..incredible looking produce, fresh herbs and honey, flowers and a couple baked goods booths.   i bought some leek pesto, grass fed free range beef..from Twin Creeks Organice Farm…the farmer, Gerald, was a friendly man answering our questions and even provides pre orders on large orders …. say for a  backyard bbq party….. my friend DEElicious bought some lamb that we had later that evening..

lil lambie chops

lil lambie chops

with fresh chopped mint

with fresh chopped mint even


kitty loved it!

kitty loved it!

but the last  booth we attended….Greensfield Organic Farm ……with THE most colourful display of veggies…i was drawn to the table and bought me some beets

these are beets, not radishes

these are beets, not radishes

……….too bad about the rotten customer service skills of the  woman running the Greensfield booth. i had already purchased my beets and was rather offended by her words and attitude so just walked off…but ….i will not return nor tell others to go and  purchase their products. in fact i will tell others about the rudeness  and encourage others to NOT shop there.  yes that is what poor customer service begets….and an email to the farmer themselves…….there are far too many markets around for that kind of service to be okay..and is it not about community and all? maybe her community doesn’t include all people.

too bad as the candy cane beets were devine ):


but the night was not complete…

meet pickles

meet pickles

and we all know dogs love kitty

pickles ♥'s kitty

pickles ♥'s kitty


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entertaining the eyeballs

~i love this blog idea     iceboxes

: …………so i submitted my own..tee hee

~ for  hello kitty haters…there is  hellohellkitty

: dude is funny and posts some of the most insane HK items…makes me green with envy

~ the rant and rave section of

: pick a city..and start reading and post for fun …i do in cities i have never been * snickers to self*

~ meOW!!!    obey the kitty

~ i adore monsterfactory

:lucy and the sugars are tops in my books

~ tired of artfags and want real street/ninja style art? banksy

: banksy vs the world…. showing us how to give the finger and still have a sense of humour about it.

stinky kitty

thanks for the eye candy


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pet wish list

i WANT one!
…….a polydactyl kitty
kitten with the mittens

kitten with the mittens

Most breeds of domestic cats have five toes on each of their front paws and four toes on each hind paw, for a total of 18 toes altogether. However, there are some cats that are born with more toes on either of their paws as a result of a genetic mutation. These cats are known as polydactyl cats, mitten or thumb cats or Hemingway cats.

and  who dosen’t want a monkey?….or  a relative of the one?

a “new world monkey” … a tamarin

….but idon’t want just any old tamarin…i want one of these  cotton-tail tamarins

just call him spike...omg cute!

just call him spike...omg cute!

……and then the “theys” can breed them!!!

..the lastest in MUST have pets,  for the trendiest “setters” …bahhhhhh!

okay ..okay…still too much hair getting on my clothes.

i live in a world of lint rollers……….so in my next life i’m getting a sphynx cat

bald pussyand calling it bald pussy!


an orange beardie

nothing rhymes with ORANGE

nothing rhymes with ORANGE

but for now…its me and the kitties




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