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eight is enough

….remember that show…8 kids…eek, that is a nightmare..


well yesterday was 8 days of the cleanse, 9 without food…and after a long hard talk with myself i have said…

“f*ck you ego…YOU’RE done kitty!”

….not an easy call for me as i like to do what i say…. ALWAYS, but i promised myself as soon as i felt dizzy that would be it…..

the day started out okay…i did not do the flush, but i was unable to sleep again and had bad stomach pains…that pooooooo tea is silly when you have nothing inside really. i did a bunch of running around, christmas items, buttons, dollar store and even bought more syrup as i had planned to continue…but..the evening turned out to be hard on me and by the time i returned home from the Q107  Jingle Ball concert w/ April Wine at the Sound Academy, i was so dizzy and feeling like i did after a chemotherapy treatment…and THAT is just not what i was hoping to feel EVER again.

day 9

still on liquids, but no more lemonade drink, no pooooooo tea for a few days at least until i NEED it.

the good days were good but the bad days were UGLY…and yesterday i started to feel faint and was nauseous most the morning.

do i think the Master Cleanse is bad and/or dangerous?


i just do not feel that it really did much for me.  i did not see the results that most talk about. friends that have done it raved about it, but again…i did not have the results they had..maybe i was…AM healthier than i thought..


1.  i did not have the strange eliminations people spoke of..just the runs every morning

2. no spiritual fact bright lights hurt my eyes

3. no dry skin, muscle pains or any “detox” like pains

4. sleep was impossible due mostly to the tea i think

5. my energy level after day 5 just plummeted

6. i was freeeeeeeeeeeeezing bad that my raynaud’s syndrome started to act up. i had not seen it so bad as i did last tuesday left hand, all four fingers and part of my palm went completely white…

7. my will power is stronger is present and accounted for…so if i chose to do this or anything i set my mind too again i have no fears of going through with it …but i would really only do 3 days of this cleanse

all in all, i’m glad i tried the cleanse…happy about the ease in which i refrained from consuming alcohol, mary j and food even….but glad to be back on the road to chewing my food and not just drinking it 😛 yayyayayay!

today…day 9…oj and maybe some juiced apples and carrots for dinner..YUMMMMMMMY


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six and seven..doubling up

day 6 was a long work day at FVC and i even survived watching a co-worker eat the most delicious looking and crunchy sounding green pepper..yum yum raw veggies i can’t wait..but i will.

sleep, when i do get some is filled with crazy wild dreams and even if i wake up and drift back to sleep…i slip right back into the same dream.

not sure if it’s the cleanse or the lack of ‘miss mary.j’ but some of these dreams are funny as f*ck….like monday nights’ dream about being on this boat…a huge 5 story dormitory boat for the “twenty-teen” crowd. i was not one of the kids but i was going wherever there were so got on the boat..once on you had to run about to find a room to stay in and it was madness, fights breaking out..and we would stop at these stations to pick up more young people…i woke up just as i was about to toss some bimbette down some stairs for pushing me………weird…woke up laughing…good way to start the day.


1. i increased the salt in the flush and it did its job

2. energy level was good..not high but not low

3. teeth felt hairy

4. i have not had any feelings of “detox” pain that others have reported on their cleanse

5. my will power seems to be at an all time high

6. still no real clarity or new insight into life …i’m too busy living i suppose

with the day done i headed home, had my last glass of lemonade juice, watched a movie; the hangover,  had my yuky tea ..always makes my stomach grumble and off to bed.

day SEVEN..lucky number seven?

nope..i dislike odd number…and & is an ugly number to boot.

of course i did not sleep well and had to get up early and out of the house by 8.30am…yes that IS early for me (;

i skipped the salt water flush as the pooooo tea was working over time this morning and i didn’ t see the need to add to that…tired, cold and feeling lethargic, i pack up my supplies and headed north. made it in record time..where has all the traffic gone? i love it!

work was slow ..i was slower..what normally takes me 2.5 hrs took me almost 4….booooo.  headed home and yep jumped right into bed and had a nap for 2 hrs…was woken by my friend sheryl who brought me a bag of lemons for tomorrows “meals” and a huge bag of stockings for my project

THANK YOU sheryl xoxo

so today was not the best. a few ppl have commented that i am looking thinner which is not my favorite and i’m cold…i sleep with a shirt and pants on…not my usual style of sleepwear…but the weather has turned so we are all feeling it i guess.

tomorrows gig canceled on in the money dept. right now..but somewhat happy to have the time off too so i can do a few things to prepare for next week.


1. sleep and i are officially divorced

2. freezing cold even all layered up..i just cannot keep warm

3. i think i may give up on the salt water flush part of this as the tea works too well.

4. i do not feel i am seeing the results i should be or wanted to see..but will finish what i started..cause that is what i do.

5. my will power amazes me at times.

6. armpit odor is gone, tongue is a bit fuzzy and white looking…must be the lemons and still no

it tastes better than it looks

7. i increased the amount of lemonade mixture for today just to get me through

3 more days..whooooo hooooo almost there.

now to dye my hair and try to woo sleep back so i can hit the mall in the AM eek!


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lead paint, worms and mud pies….oh my!

i have seen this one  before in the mass forwarding of tidbits on the net…and today it landed in my in box again…and i just wanted to share…cause there is some truth to it…no???

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!!

First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn’t get tested for diabetes.

Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no child proof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking.

As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags.

Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat.

We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and

NO ONE actually died from this.

We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank Kool-aid made with sugar, but we weren’t overweight because……


We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day.And we were OK.

We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then ridedown the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem.

We did not have Playstations, Nintendo’s, X-boxes, no video games at all,no 150 channels on cable, no video movies or DVD’s, no surround-sound or CD’s, no cell phones, no personal computers, no Internet or chatrooms…….WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them!

We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no lawsuits from these accidents.

We ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever.

We were given BB guns for our 10th birthdays, made up games with sticks and tennis balls and although we were told it would happen, we did not poke out very many eyes.

We rode bikes or walked to a friend’s house and knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just walked in and talked to them!

Little League had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn’t had to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!!

The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law!

These generations have produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever!

The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.  We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned HOW TO DEAL WITH IT ALL!

If YOU are one of them CONGRATULATIONS!

You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids, before the lawyers and the government regulated so much of our lives for our own good .

Kind of makes you want to run through the house with scissors, doesn’t it?!


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