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little corn island

having lived in a small beach town for one year i decided a few months back that i wanted a change…something smaller and off the “beaten track” so to speak.

somewhere without roads, cars and very few bikes…..which lead me to a lil island out in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Nicaragua…it also ment i was saying good bye to some basic luxuries we all have a habit of taking for granted….like 24/7 power and water.

getting there was no easy task…it took 2 days…and

3 planes

the plane from Managua to Big Corn Island

kitty’s boarding pass

take off!

Big Corn

a couple of taxi rides

and a panga

ready to ride the seas

welcome to  Isla Pequeña del Maíz

first view of lil corn

welcome to the new world

i am fairly good at not making assumptions after all these years

….and rightly so….how could one ever imagine what they have not seen

watching the sun set in the Caribbean Sea



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