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weather report –> heaven is HOT HOT HOT!

just back from the beach….

ola mexico!

the stories of hell being hot just don’t jive with me….

i was in heaven and it was sunny, warm, sandy and full of good times and laughter


and then it was back to —–>


and its cold, snowy and people are miserable here ):

kitty and i are dreaming of the beach


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moving musings

since announcing my plan to move west I have had some mixed reactions and to be honest i have been

surprised, dismayed and upset by the responses i receive… makes me wonder why not be supportive, why not encourage, why not be happy

->try to remember that YES i am moving …… another city NOT another planet


spring 2011 halo kitty and i are packing up the bubble and heading west


hello VANcity

and there is still ALL that lies between…what is there NOT to be happy and supportive of ? adventure awaits

as a wise oger once said -> “change is good donkey( insert kitty)!”

there will be tales to tell, sights to see and a few parties be4 the take off ..there may even be prizes and give a-ways…so please do stay tuned (:


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