can you feel it?



feeling it yet?


wait for it….


its coming




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be the change …revolutionize!!!


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over three years ago now i made a major change in my life

i took a baby step towards the divine essence of life

note to readers:

i am not some happiness guru, veggie eating, yoga om hippie…i am more street/alley cat, hard core, tattoos and grit…so referencing self help gurus is not my thing..yet in this case ..i found myself in it and the letting go of “most” of my materialistic mind frame ..well except more tattoos 😉

end of note

i stepped away from the collective insanity

an “awakening” some say or at very least a shift in my consciousness

material things became less important…

i seemed to lose my emotional attachment to that table that belonged to my dad.

i’m not perfect nor totally “there” yet ….i still have loads of his books i have not parted with and i  cannot even begin to think of getting rid of them…who doesn’t wanna read Winston Churchill’s ramblings on war?

..yet i feel lighter

and thus happier

i smile for no reason at all …with  a pureness and “who cares who is watching attitude” at the oddest of moments.  like when i riding the “red rocket in toronto” or chasing down butterflies on the bike path to the beach.

i took a 6 month “holiday” from the beach to live in what is now known as the winter of the “POLAR VORTEX” <- really… wtf is that?

awwwwww yes its what most folks call WINTER.

any who…

we ( mr.tacoman and i ) did a 6 month spell in winter-wonder-land aka canada…it was good

snow angel love

snow angel love


and its was ugly also

flips flops in the snow

flips flops in the snow

but what i learned 3 years ago is still true today

…that i am happier south than north.

i am lighter, less stressed and smile and laugh for no reason and i love talking to strangers that smile and say hello back

not to be mean to those that live somewhere cold and grey and without much love and light….the beach rules…and the city drools

ok ok a lil immature i agree but its true and if you can swing i recommend this life to EVERYONE…if its not…than at very least try not to over work, over analyze, over stress, over spend,…give yourself to the idea that you don’t need that new cell phone or that new pair of shoes or whatever it is you spend spend spend on to make you smile.

do something for the soul…whatever that may be…dance, do yoga .. i hate yoga so not selling anything 😉 ..take a class in something you never saw yourself doing->  jump out of your can be scary but the thrill is so worth it .

buen suerte!!



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