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octopus + hello kitty = happiness

oh my gosh ->

i want it

i need it……i  have to have it

pretty please


Adam Wallacavage made some chandeliers…

hello kitty white chandelier by adam wallacavage

i think i love him for it

life is so dark without some kitty love to light the way

hello kitty sale -> HERE


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a pioneers life -> westward ho

seeking new adventures in the west where the grass  REALLY is greener

i have been living in toronto for 10 years now.

6 yrs more than i usually like to do in any  city….

the feet are itchy..

–> im hitching up the horses  packing halo kitty in the bubble and and heading for the mountains <–

halo kitty ~ my co-pilot

halo and i are looking forward to the drive


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bubble bath time

a kitty swimming pool?








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