bye bye food

tomorrow (12.10.09) morning is the start of my 10 day fasting cleanse on the  master cleanse….no i am NOT doing this to lose weight..that will be a sad side affect.  i am doing this in hopes to clear up some health issues that seem to be getting more and more out of control.

many folks that i have shared what i am doing with have been fairly UN-supportive and have even said ” you are starving yourself to death?”


yes exactly what i was thinking…..i want to starve to death..please people ……most of us living comfortably in developed countries…eat three or more meals a day. we can go to the store grab anything we desire, drink water and other  bevvies like they are going out of style…whereas in many many countries most get one meal a day..sometimes less…why…because there is nothing more. a day of fasting would do us all a little good i think..the gluttons we are..we freak out at the mention of depriving ourselves of what we want.

fasting is nothing new…we do it to prepare for medical testing, cosmetic improvements and other health related issues, weight loss and religious/spiritual beliefs.

so i figured i’d try it..and see if it helps. i am going to attempt to record my experiences and share if for nothing else  than to prove i am not dying.

alive and well the night be4

…i am so looking forward to a salt water flush in the morning..yum yum..NOT.

stay tuned


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One thought on “bye bye food

  1. whoisdee

    Good luck with the lemon juice ms. kitty! Here’s hoping it sorts out your insides so they’re as copacetic as your exterior 🙂

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