day one

………day one down 9 more to go.

alive and feeling good

….well really it is more like 17 days in total when you include the 3 days prior where you eat raw foods only……fruits, veggies and nuts …..then broths and juices and lastly, OJ only…. the 4 days after the fast is similar in that you cannot just go out to your favorite food place and pig out…although I am sure everyone wants to at that point…

day one went well…i did not even finish all my “food” and managed to get out to the Human Architectures art show by Horus at the loverly Brennen Demelo Studios

i skipped past the cheese, fruit and cracker plate..only to bump into the wine bar ):  —–12 more days till i can pollute my body tho—– so i had a cup of mint tea, checked out the rad art..loved the one called “footsie” and ran home to drink my poooooooooooo tea….yuk :Q

yuk yuk...nightly tea.  AKA pooooo tea :O

yuky nightly organic poooooo tea :O

day I observations

1. the salt water flush is easier to swallow through a straw..make sure you use TEAspoons not TABLEspoons of salt..lololololol i needed to be reminded opps, but was not as bad as many have stated.

2. holy smelly armpits catgirl..and i even like armpits a wee bit..okay tooooo much info :P…. but it is a detox so i guess i’m a tad toxic!

3. i’ve had a headache for three days now..could be the lack of caffeine which i normally  O.D. on and went off on monday to pre..pre….prepare

4. sleep is a bit restless …again possibly due to some of the other things i am missing in my world 😉

5. i weighed myself the day before i started the actual cleanse…and i weighed myself at the exact same time on day one..i  have already lost 7.8bls…eek….i’ll be increasing the syrup for more calories

all in all i am feeling alright..even a bit hyper..bring on day tw0


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