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drunken harlot “reedit”

coffee in the morning

vodka at night

Hello Kitty tucked snugly in her purse….she skips out the door with a giggle and squeak

the streets lights dance and the dying stars in the sky delight

the sounds from the street crashing againstĀ  the bleatingĀ  cries of amateur barflies

“a vodka and soda please…no no make that a double”

agua de gatita

agua de gatita

she sips her agua de gatita as she considers her view of the dance floor

…turn the music up




clad in fishnet stockings and panties, her skin sweat kissed and glistening


another sip

she eyes the room… lights a smoke

…………….seeing her catch of the evening

she licks her paws, straightens her whiskers and purrrrs….

” another vodka and soda please”





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religious vilification

blasphemous libel?

defamation of religion?

vilification of religion?



or just down right WRONG?

day of the dead next to santa…wtf?



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vote for my pussy

kitten wars yay!!!

vote for me!

vote for me!



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