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april fools, semana santa, easter and birthdays

april showers bring may flowers

….. that may be well and true in some places but here in “kittyland” its the month of HATCHING’S  for me and about half of my friend group

happy hatching

happy hatching


and here in MeXico its Semana Santa and this year EASTER IS MY BIRTHDAY whoooppppppp whoooppppppp

i don’t think i will celebrate by being nailed to a cross and laid out in a cave….but i may need a resurrection at the end of it all ….

oh what a  sacrilegious person i can be

so in keeping with the spirit of being blasphemous  ->

HELL kitty says "meOW"

HELL kitty says “meOW”

i ‘d to invite all my birthday peeps to go to HELL with me this Semana Santa or just eat chocolate eggs from a rabbit on Easter <- wtf ?????    its not like its a normal holiday anyways jejejeje



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97 years and happy

today my grandmother turns 97 years old

97 years young

97 years young


may your wine glass always be full and may all your days be filled with the laughter and joy of good memories.

i adore you and i am thankful for your love, your sharing of life and your longevity




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sex sells


people love it

hate it

fear it

are grossed out by it

argue and fight about it

and i like to think people are having fabulously fun and satisfying sex

but one thing i think we all can agree on is

SEX SELLS -> everything from cars to cleaning products

but when you team up with the cutest pussy on the planet with playboy bunny



you get a whole lotta cute and sexy

or you can also get socks, bow ties and other silly cute sexy things

HERE -> colette hello kitty x Playboy

meow indeed


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