going commando

a day in the life of hellobeachkitty <- thats me if you were wondering

when its a hot..hella hot sunny day it means its a great day to do some laundry


its an all day affair tho as its a 2 bucket system and outdoor dry


how to fix wet panties…

sunshine = sun dried panties


windy = blow dry panties



my panties are wet


and to pass the time while waiting for the “dryer” to do its job

i do this

baghead lady

colour my hair also known as the bag head lady..


random question…

why do we wear underpants/panties at all?

i mean we …well those in the north are wearing pants most times…or leggings or something else that covers your bits up…so why the under garments?

its pretty much a worldwide deal…buy items we DON’T need….

would you wear a pair of shorts and pants?

or 2 pair of pants?


awwwwwwwwwww boooooooooo

i’m going commando…as these panties are taking to long to dry…perhaps i will also wear a skirt  ->MEow





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drunken harlot “reedit”

coffee in the morning

vodka at night

Hello Kitty tucked snugly in her purse….she skips out the door with a giggle and squeak

the streets lights dance and the dying stars in the sky delight

the sounds from the street crashing against  the bleating  cries of amateur barflies

“a vodka and soda please…no no make that a double”

agua de gatita

agua de gatita

she sips her agua de gatita as she considers her view of the dance floor

…turn the music up




clad in fishnet stockings and panties, her skin sweat kissed and glistening


another sip

she eyes the room… lights a smoke

…………….seeing her catch of the evening

she licks her paws, straightens her whiskers and purrrrs….

” another vodka and soda please”





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can you feel it?



feeling it yet?


wait for it….


its coming




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