Gluten free

can you feel it?



feeling it yet?


wait for it….


its coming




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food is where the HARTWOOD is…

sun and sand

water and waves

bikinis and sun tan lotion

everything has its side kick…. personally -> travel, food and drink can make the most  beautiful threesome

i would not call myself a foodie but i do love  food, and   a few years back when i started to develop food sensitivities i thought i may very well starve to death…over-reacting to the stress of not being able to just grab food on the run, or eat at any old  dive …gives good reason to panic

anyways…now years later i have spent much time researching ….eating food and getting  sick…and testing new recipes..ditto…i think i have formed a semi-truce between food and my pains and belly woes.

down in mexico…. life is good…the sun shines most everyday, the sea forces laughter to bubble  out of you and the food….is heavenly

hartwood is a fairly new addition to the tulum circuit…one year….and being jungle side….most here say its like swimming upstream to stay afloat…..eric and his crew have overcome such superstitions and have made jungle side the new “it” side

who's afraid of the jungle?

wood powered kitchen

i have been very fortunate and thankful for being invited to experience a slice from yummy heaven, a few times -> gluttony 🙂

Eric’s wood burning powered kitchen…a new and already copied concept on the beach interestingly enough….and his use of fresh local products he delivers a creative array of dishes that change nightly. 

fresh beet salad w/ crazy creamy goat cheese and barley salad w/ apple slices

amerICAN thanksgiving

yes that is good old fashion’d turkey accompanied with squash, rye bread stuffing and baked purple sweet potato <- too sweet for my liking.

skirt steak with crab infused mash'd potatoes

kitty eye's the grouper

sugar cane mojitos

served in a mason jar…kitty loves..the price 110 pesos ->not so much ):

although this place is way beyond my pocket book…on a regular basis that is….its gorgeous, great staff, fun, creative tasty food and drinks, and it just feels so comfortable, mellow and light.


lovely servers

Valentine meets kitty


i ♥ this place so hard x


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SEEfood diet

I was warned that everyone gets Montezuma’s revenge in mexcio -> known as “turista” here ….well seems kitty and I have iron guts as we have eaten at all the hot spots:

…hell its mexico when is it not hot?….

– street venders one of the many tamale stands.

this being my fav..right across from the scotia bank 11 pesos a tamale

higher-end restos like  Ginger.  serving up a fabulous sirlon steak and baked cambert with apple chutney

 local seafood joints – el camello jr  in tulum ->affordable and delicious Mexicana food but it’s this fish 

fried boquinete

I just can’t get enough 

so ugly... yet so very yummy

la bamba jarocha in playa del car…excellent seafood..and being feline like the seafood places keep me coming back for more

grilled octopus with garlic and butter

 and more

everything from the sea soup including a big ol crab

 a carnivore lovers dream meat house –  now in tulum @ Arrachera HC Monterray

carnivore kitty

 now in tulum

and other local food places

the purrrrfect kitty breakfast

plus a few creations of my own

'kitty made' chicken and veggie soup w/ seaweed

….and I am sure I drank tap water ..accidentally of course…yet still no issues in the gastronomical department to report…SUPER DUPER!!! 

travel is not just about the sites, sounds, sun and sea…the food culture is a must in my books…..I love trying new dishes

->the best part is no strawberries, raspberries or blueberries…death by berries ….. and so many other exotic fruits I’ve never heard of and that im NOT allergic to

my favorite fruit stand

where Gelasio has the best in fresh fruits and veggies….i must do my best to keep it balanced with all the meat 🙂

mew mew mewlishious

the ..i SEEfood I eat it…diet is working out well

i love mexican food

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