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going commando

a day in the life of hellobeachkitty <- thats me if you were wondering

when its a hot..hella hot sunny day it means its a great day to do some laundry


its an all day affair tho as its a 2 bucket system and outdoor dry


how to fix wet panties…

sunshine = sun dried panties


windy = blow dry panties



my panties are wet


and to pass the time while waiting for the “dryer” to do its job

i do this

baghead lady

colour my hair also known as the bag head lady..


random question…

why do we wear underpants/panties at all?

i mean we …well those in the north are wearing pants most times…or leggings or something else that covers your bits up…so why the under garments?

its pretty much a worldwide deal…buy items we DON’T need….

would you wear a pair of shorts and pants?

or 2 pair of pants?


awwwwwwwwwww boooooooooo

i’m going commando…as these panties are taking to long to dry…perhaps i will also wear a skirt  ->MEow





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peeking through to the future

i have been asked over the years…….”BUT how will YOU look when your old?



awesome AND colourful in my case 🙂



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hello kitty x major league baseball

can hello kitty play baseball?

let's play ball!

Let’s Play Ball!

hells yes she can!

….in fact she is this year’s ★STAR★ player for the Toronto Blue Jays

Yesterday saw the start of baseball season in toronto…a better sign than Wiarton Willy that spring has begun and all i want is HELLO KITTY swag




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