sex sells


people love it

hate it

fear it

are grossed out by it

argue and fight about it

and i like to think people are having fabulously fun and satisfying sex

but one thing i think we all can agree on is

SEX SELLS -> everything from cars to cleaning products

but when you team up with the cutest pussy on the planet with playboy bunny



you get a whole lotta cute and sexy

or you can also get socks, bow ties and other silly cute sexy things

HERE -> colette hello kitty x Playboy

meow indeed


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2 thoughts on “sex sells

    • hellomisskitty

      with 60,000 dollars in tuition fees why the hell not….and she wont graduate with a staggering debt that she will never get out from under….. better to sell what you got -> SEX the oldest trade for ladies ā¤ the duke student that outed her for this type work….jealous cause he will have a HUGE debt ..for school and all his porn surfing while in school šŸ˜‰

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