where is my kitty spaceship?

I live among the natives, I like them and they me

I speak the language,

I know the local and affordable places to din and dance

the short cuts, back alleys and the hidden gems


But still, I am a stranger here…living in a foreign land

When not drowning it out with new sights, sounds and experiences…


A crackle comes over the announcement system, a barely intelligible voice…

“paging-> miss kitty……. miss kitty, this is not your stop

…..please stay on the ride until we stop at your destination…thank you.”


I dream of home…

excitement builds each day to feel its soil under my feet


What does it look like, smell like?

What is its national flower?

Does the sun rise in the north and set in the south, with a glowing orange moon?

Does it have mountains made of clouds…. waterfalls of vodka?



The journey is long when you’re not quiet sure where the ride is headed

so ….I fasten my seat belt and keep an eye on the road ahead

Enjoying the numerous attractions and adventures along the way


….. always keeping watch for that  posted sign…

 “Welcome Home”



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