i ❤ my bike

i love my hello kitty beach cruiser..

she’s beautiful..

she’s comfortable  ->well if someone did not steal the seat that is <-

hello surfer kitty beach cruiser

AND –>…she’s ORANGE

sadly there was a mix up in the moving plan…well a change in plans nad the bike got shipped prematurely to vancity…so HK surf kitty is hanging in van for the winter *pouts* ….

which means…kitty needs a new ride

the making of a mexican kitty beach cruiser

stage 1-> the beast

cost 700 pesos

stage 2 -> beautifying the beast

stage 2 continues -> kitty accessories and basket

cost 200 pesos and an afternoon of fun

stage 3 -> make it purrrrrrrrdy

 mi neuva bicicileta mexicana del gatito

she's a beauty meOW

wanna go for a ride?


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5 thoughts on “i ❤ my bike

  1. Sparkles Groove

    Oh man, I love your new bike! Awesome 🙂 Also, me thinks I must have to get a Hello Kitty tattoo … but I want to wait until you are in town so we can do it together 😉 Love you! Love the new wheels, pink to make the boys wink!

    • hellomisskitty

      sparkles n groove….i’d love to see you get a kitty tattoo….i already have 3…so will just have to watch you get one xoxo

  2. Jenny Rowsom

    hell yeah i wanna go for a ride! she’s a beaut! (nice bike too.)

    • hellomisskitty

      thanks jenny…that IS a compliment in a half -> coming from you

  3. BigMouthMeany

    A ride? Hellz yes! Hoping to join you for cruisin up and down the beach ASAP.
    much love,

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