arousing awakenings

July 14th

#51 Chen


I Ching Hexagram: 51 Chen

Keyphrase: The Arousing – Thunder over Thunder.

General: Don’t object to the storm that is needed to clear the air. It is a necessity.

Personal: You will become a stronger person by learning to face your fears.

 Chen is about fear and appears when there is a need for you to be jolted out of complacency. It encourages you to examine all aspects of life and see where flaws exist, or errors have been made etc. and to take steps to deal with them. This examination should be approached conscientiously, which will help you to come through this period a stronger and wiser person provided you do not go back to your old habits. Chen tells you how to react to a crisis. Remember, courage is not the lack of fear, but the willingness to face it.


 Sometimes it takes a few bends, a stumble or two, a flat tire and a couple of hills to really see that this particular route is  well trodden. Too many have been down this path, pot holes everywhere, discarded water bottles, chip bags, a flip-flop here a hat over there.

It’s all too familiar…and now feels a little like déjà vu ……ive been down this road before…its nice but I think im ready to chart a new course.

Or is it getting back on course?

I’m as slow as a turtle at times but I do get to where I want and/or need to be….. and sometimes I’m even a lil faster than the hare himself.

july 16th tortuga watch

 …no matter it’s not really a race is it? We all end up at the same finish line in the end….and I am in no hurry to see the finish line yet. Hells no!

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and that makes me smile and talk to myself aloud…which in turn makes me laugh like a lunatic -> good times<-

Just the downsizing required to get to this point was well worth it…and the time to really let go and jump in and swim with my fears…..It’s true, I get distracted by all the shiny objects in my path and complacency 

I miss

halo kitty



……. as if they were my children I gave birth to and abandoned on someone’s doorstep.  I dream of riding my bike, dancing in my panties and I want my tickle trunk and all its miss-dress up fun ;P

I even look forward to wearing my fabulous parka ..only when needed of course.

write more, see more and moving forward.


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