unemployed living in mexico

okay so maybe making a life changing decision… like moving to a foreign country…on a whim was not the greatest  of plans??

but here i am living in tulum mexico unemployed, renting a quaint lil apt and having to spend my meager savings. the job at trecelunas was a joke from the get go. it terms of ruining a business…well lets say mexico is weird but this place was like working on the moon..minus the cheese. 

employees not paid..including myself, funds so low that rent was always late, supplies hard to purchase for lack of funding, run down cabanas no one wanted to rent…and it being “slow season” there are little to no people at the beach….but the cherry on top has been the fiscales (something akin to tax police for local politicians) closing the place for lack of payment.

i have been made to understand that anyone running a business here knows they must pay these “taxes”…and yes the amount changes depending on what papers you need, what you sell etc…but its a fact you must pay….yet my owner sitting comfortably in canada said ” no tell them to go fuck themselves”

yep that worked -> and the place was closed down with a threat of further fines if anyone was found working.

so there goes my housing, my job and my imaginary pay…

looking for work  in slow season is like being one of the hordes of salmon swimming up stream…everyone is looking for work…one of the hotels at the beach Zhamas has not paid their employees for 6 weeks now….and they actually had a staff of more then 4…so competition is steep.

i sit here and ponder…what to do next?

spend my money seeing what i can then head back home? <- wheres home again?

learn a new trade? sell my body? rob a bank? move to a bigger city? take off to england? 

teaching would have been nice..but no one has money to pay for a teacher…100 pesos a week for 14 hrs of teaching….umm that doesn’t cover my food bill.

awwwww the joys of adventure


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