diary of a broken thumb

i’ve had my fair share of accidents, medical emergencies and surgeries and no adventure of mine has been without incident ….so a broken thumb in week 3 of arriving in tulum came as no big surprise … but holy fucking OUCHIE

yep that hurts

while wiping down the table and chairs at the café…the table top to the massive picnic table slipped off and fell on to my hand which was busy cleaning the bench…..and before i could get my hand out of the way it was squashed between the 2 pieces of wood…. the table top being made of 3 pieces of wood which are NOT attached to the frame, i assume because it would be near impossible to move the table without the use of a forklift ..that…or…nails are hard to come by in Mexico?

funny thing is..just the day before the accident….I was saying..”I don’t like this table its dangerous” (the universe loves when I talk out loud and all but dare it to answer me)

i was certain it was not broken, but after a trip to the local clinic and a shot to freeze my thumb so they could manipulate it…dr. damien informs me that it was most likely broken and it being a thumb he recommended an x-ray to ensure that it was a clean break and not in pieces…that being the case I’d need surgery to set it..wonderful news

smiling because i cannot feel anything below my elbow


An x-ray in tulum would cost me a small fortune, and my health insurance ran out 4 days prior

..another karmic joke..

 bandaged, numbed and sweating…. I  headed to Playa del Carmen where I could get a fairly cheap x-ray at the red cross…forever the discount shopper i am…dad would be so proud

thankfully my bubbles skull was not involved 🙂

$400 peso  x-ray of a small clean break on the first knuckle 

“out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars”

Kahlil Gibran

back to tulum with xray in-hand to see dr. d again -> now he tells me i may want to see a specialist “just” to be sure…” you wouldn’t want it to heal poorly, it being a thumb and all!”…..a very important digit to us more advanced primates

so silly kitty here takes the dire warning as truth and makes the trip back to playa the next morning to see an orthotic specialist…who calls in 3 more medical staff (?) To have a look at the crazy tattooed white monkey…..he tells me “yep its broken and puts on a brace that i should wear for 4 weeks

->brace $200 pesos<-

 …..and says i should fill the three prescriptions ……one being for antibiotic crème…so you know i didn’t bother…… and i’m in and out in less than an hour -> $500+ pesos <-but not before telling me i should come back in 4 weeks for another x-ray and will also need physio… i started to feel like a bank machine

ok….not crazy expensive true but with my Scottish blood any price was making my arms shrink and my pockets deeper…..i could have just splinted the damn thing myself and walked into any farmica and asked for  oxycontin  aka “hill-billy heroin” which is readily available here…but then i won’t have the souvenir of my right hand x ray….i’ve got a collection and hope to one day be able to build a portrait of my full body in x-rays 

healing up nicely..have lost the brace and now using my thumb simply because it is damn near impossible not to….arnica has helped but my thumb still looks like my big toe…ewwwwwwwwww


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