Caguama Tortuga sighting

my Mexican horoscope said today was a day of change for the positive not only in my economical situation but mental state

-> later in the day I was informed that the local fiscales (something akin to tax police but not exactly officially police…and a tad more corrupt but an excepted aspect of running a business in mexico) are closing down the guesthouse and café for non payment…meaning I am now jobless

Sorta  in direct opposition to the stars..ummmmm

but just like in my first weeks here… when doubting my desicion to come to tulum….the call came @12.45am “ A TORTUGA” had just found her spot to nest on the beach directly across from the guesthouse….so off I dashed with camera in hand to watch this prehistoric creature that lives by  following the oceans currents….only to swim around the world year after year to come back here each summer to leave her brood

weighing in around 280-300 pounds

So majestic and ancient looking and to think of the miles each one  travels and the great deal of effort to fight to get to shore in these strong currents of late…let alone  the 20 minutes or more to find the right spot on the beach, then to lay her eggs and carefully cover her nest  by digging herself into a hole, that at times the turtle is too tired to get out of……….I am awestruck by these  magnificent beauties of the sea

takes my breath away

As she headed back out to sea tears came to my eyes… so exhausted by her efforts ..the process took about 2 hours …. but she managed to lay and cover all 144 of her eggs…again it makes me smile…I’d run too…in her case slowly paddle herself back to sea…who could bare to raise 144 lil creatures.

caguama tortuga

We humans moan and bitch a lot…about any and most everything…

My horoscope was correct…my economical situation changed…unemployed and living in mexico…but somehow dosen’t seem so bad at the moment…unfazed and a tad relieved… as it means I will now have the freedom to do what I wish with no responsibility to be up at 6:00am for work, which has been one of the hardest lessons -in tolerance of bullshit and acceptance  and that all will sort itself out in due time-I have had to deal with in many years.

now i have time to write


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5 thoughts on “Caguama Tortuga sighting

  1. Gail Force Wind


  2. Fantastic!!

  3. hellomisskitty

    thanks ladies..more to come (:

  4. So i am so relieved I stubled onto your blog! You are so accurate!!
    I hope some others would just think like us all! Carry on the good blogposts I’m reading you now hehe

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