side tracked

with a plan to move to vancity may 1 already underway…….i was busy during the winter months down sizing my belongings and life. I sold or gave away most of what I did not need

…have you ever really looked at what you have and how much of it you do not need?  Its surprising how we get sucked into the system of consuming for consumption sake….we must keep the economy going right? i realize now that iwas a beginner “hoarder” and would soon be up to my eyeballs in “stuff” and am thankful for whatever it was that made me decide to move and thus downsize….

After a glorious trip in February to the Mayan Riviera, for a dear friends’ wedding

…I got to thinking…..why not MEXICO instead of Vancouver?

->careful what you say to the universe  tho…. as it may just come true <-

when I returned home to resume my shedding of belongings and planning my drive west I started communication with some folks that lead me to the possibility of living and working in mexico for 6 months or there abouts….and then days before my big send off/birthday/art show extravaganza I got the call from Tulum….and within 4 days I made one of the biggest decisions of my life….without my usual surveying of friends for their opinions I said “why not”…and Vancouver got side tracked by Mexico.

Sitting here today…one month and 2 days after arriving in Mexico I’m tanned, still dazed and slightly confused by where I am and what I’ve seen and been through. It has not been easy…not that life ever is…yet with all the bad …and hells yes there has been bad…. Seems the map  always changes but the path is pretty much the same…loads of bends, dips and potholes but once you drive it a few times you learn when to turn the wheel

I still envision myself here a few months down the road….doing what? that is still up in the air…. and that is okay with me.

I came to start a new chapter of life, one with less stress, less stuff.. a life filled more with experiences and sights than with material crap and the bullshit we seems to fill our plates with at the buffet. i’m seeking something…and maybe soon i’ll start down the path of being more tranquillo

i’ve seen an old turtle waddle up the beach and lay 107 eggs (can you imagine 107 children …eek  no thanks


 i live without electricity most days                                                                                                 i’m still eating Mexican avocados…..just now they don’t need to travel as far to get into my belly (:                                                                                                                                          i’ve rode my bike into one of the largest natural land reserves in the americas and sat on  a beach with no other human in sight      

Sian Khan

enjoy the no ppl zone

                   the blue crabs are so plentiful and brave

moon gazing

that I’ve had one crawl right up my skirt on the beach while gazing at the moon…

brave or pervy crabs

With the rainy season well under way…. some activities will have to wait

red boots and maple leaf 4ever


what’s the rush?

i’m not going anywhere in a hurry these days.


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6 thoughts on “side tracked

  1. you look happy there,,, i am glad….

    • hellomisskitty

      thank you lisa..its been interesting for sure

  2. keep writing and sharing.

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