Merry Christmas vs Happy holidaze

some people say i am not politically correct these

we can not have  a ‘christmas tree’ in a public space..we have holiday trees…

we cannot say ‘merry christmas’…instead we are advised to say happy holidaze

the word christmas is as bad word……….like  a “4letter” word


i get being considerate and understanding of others cultures and religious beliefs….yet i do NOT get why those who celebrate Christmas have had to forget about their own traditions and culture, so not to offend. it seems a tad unfair really…to be open minded about the differences of  others but not true to our own selves.

Christmas is  not much of a religious holiday any more. What with a Santa in every mall asking kids …”what do you want for Christmas little timmy?”………….and the  list of toys, games, cell phones and  ipods grows.

before Halloween ends we are being inundated with commercials about Christmas and getting the  SHOPPING done early….maybe instead of wishing each other a MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HOLIDAZE…we should be saying….CHA CHING to the banks and stores.

kitty and i celebrate Christmas……..No…not baby jesus’s bday…and no, not the commercial aspect of it…




we celebrate the giving spirit,  the random acts of kindness and the gathering of family and friends and spending time just being in the moment.

so with that said


from kitty and missb

ho ho ho


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