eight is enough

….remember that show…8 kids…eek, that is a nightmare..


well yesterday was 8 days of the cleanse, 9 without food…and after a long hard talk with myself i have said…

“f*ck you ego…YOU’RE done kitty!”

….not an easy call for me as i like to do what i say…. ALWAYS, but i promised myself as soon as i felt dizzy that would be it…..

the day started out okay…i did not do the flush, but i was unable to sleep again and had bad stomach pains…that pooooooo tea is silly when you have nothing inside really. i did a bunch of running around, christmas items, buttons, dollar store and even bought more syrup as i had planned to continue…but..the evening turned out to be hard on me and by the time i returned home from the Q107  Jingle Ball concert w/ April Wine at the Sound Academy, i was so dizzy and feeling like i did after a chemotherapy treatment…and THAT is just not what i was hoping to feel EVER again.

day 9

still on liquids, but no more lemonade drink, no pooooooo tea for a few days at least until i NEED it.

the good days were good but the bad days were UGLY…and yesterday i started to feel faint and was nauseous most the morning.

do i think the Master Cleanse is bad and/or dangerous?


i just do not feel that it really did much for me.  i did not see the results that most talk about. friends that have done it raved about it, but again…i did not have the results they had..maybe i was…AM healthier than i thought..


1.  i did not have the strange eliminations people spoke of..just the runs every morning

2. no spiritual enlightenment..in fact bright lights hurt my eyes

3. no dry skin, muscle pains or any “detox” like pains

4. sleep was impossible due mostly to the tea i think

5. my energy level after day 5 just plummeted

6. i was freeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold..so bad that my raynaud’s syndrome started to act up. i had not seen it so bad as i did last tuesday night..my left hand, all four fingers and part of my palm went completely white…

7. my will power is stronger is present and accounted for…so if i chose to do this or anything i set my mind too again i have no fears of going through with it …but i would really only do 3 days of this cleanse

all in all, i’m glad i tried the cleanse…happy about the ease in which i refrained from consuming alcohol, mary j and food even….but glad to be back on the road to chewing my food and not just drinking it 😛 yayyayayay!

today…day 9…oj and maybe some juiced apples and carrots for dinner..YUMMMMMMMY


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4 thoughts on “eight is enough

  1. otto

    You are a brave girl!

    • kittyb

      thank you
      blind faith in oneself is all i’ve got..

  2. you made it one day more than i did! whose idea was this anyway?

    enjoying a cup of tea, some french pop music and a piece of delicious gluten free banana bread (thanks kitty). taking a break from wallpaper removal. ugh.

    xox juice fast in february? 😉

    • kittyb

      i’m glad some of the bread made it home with you (:

      another fast?? ummmmm i think i need to work on moderation this year ;P

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