six and seven..doubling up

day 6 was a long work day at FVC and i even survived watching a co-worker eat the most delicious looking and crunchy sounding green pepper..yum yum raw veggies i can’t wait..but i will.

sleep, when i do get some is filled with crazy wild dreams and even if i wake up and drift back to sleep…i slip right back into the same dream.

not sure if it’s the cleanse or the lack of ‘miss mary.j’ but some of these dreams are funny as f*ck….like monday nights’ dream about being on this boat…a huge 5 story dormitory boat for the “twenty-teen” crowd. i was not one of the kids but i was going wherever there were so got on the boat..once on you had to run about to find a room to stay in and it was madness, fights breaking out..and we would stop at these stations to pick up more young people…i woke up just as i was about to toss some bimbette down some stairs for pushing me………weird…woke up laughing…good way to start the day.


1. i increased the salt in the flush and it did its job

2. energy level was good..not high but not low

3. teeth felt hairy

4. i have not had any feelings of “detox” pain that others have reported on their cleanse

5. my will power seems to be at an all time high

6. still no real clarity or new insight into life …i’m too busy living i suppose

with the day done i headed home, had my last glass of lemonade juice, watched a movie; the hangover,  had my yuky tea ..always makes my stomach grumble and off to bed.

day SEVEN..lucky number seven?

nope..i dislike odd number…and & is an ugly number to boot.

of course i did not sleep well and had to get up early and out of the house by 8.30am…yes that IS early for me (;

i skipped the salt water flush as the pooooo tea was working over time this morning and i didn’ t see the need to add to that…tired, cold and feeling lethargic, i pack up my supplies and headed north. made it in record time..where has all the traffic gone? i love it!

work was slow ..i was slower..what normally takes me 2.5 hrs took me almost 4….booooo.  headed home and yep jumped right into bed and had a nap for 2 hrs…was woken by my friend sheryl who brought me a bag of lemons for tomorrows “meals” and a huge bag of stockings for my project

THANK YOU sheryl xoxo

so today was not the best. a few ppl have commented that i am looking thinner which is not my favorite and i’m cold…i sleep with a shirt and pants on…not my usual style of sleepwear…but the weather has turned so we are all feeling it i guess.

tomorrows gig canceled on in the money dept. right now..but somewhat happy to have the time off too so i can do a few things to prepare for next week.


1. sleep and i are officially divorced

2. freezing cold even all layered up..i just cannot keep warm

3. i think i may give up on the salt water flush part of this as the tea works too well.

4. i do not feel i am seeing the results i should be or wanted to see..but will finish what i started..cause that is what i do.

5. my will power amazes me at times.

6. armpit odor is gone, tongue is a bit fuzzy and white looking…must be the lemons and still no

it tastes better than it looks

7. i increased the amount of lemonade mixture for today just to get me through

3 more days..whooooo hooooo almost there.

now to dye my hair and try to woo sleep back so i can hit the mall in the AM eek!


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