the glass is half full

day five..whoooooo hoooooooo.

woke up raring to go this am..hyper girl …..must have been all that sleep yesterday.

ran off to the eastend to drink tea with me mum, then to pick up donated coats for the homeless…6 bags of them..YAYAYAYAYAY!

thank you Wraylene you are super duper  MUAH!

not sure what is happening but i think this diet is changing the way i look

i think my chin is shrinking and my head is swelling


okay seriously i adore my mac..but back to business


1. i seem to enjoy getting myself into food situations…food porn is my new obsession.

2. the salt water flush doesn’t seem to do much some days…drank a quart of H2O but maybe only a cup came back out…

2. my weight seems to have stabilized…i fluctuate about 5 bls a day, but have not gone below  140 ….which suits me just fine

3. i have moved from looking at food porn to now smelling it…… hubba hubba…thanks Danielle, for letting me experience the joys of pizza pizza wings

4. the armpit order is back..yuk, but not as fierce yay!

5. i am sooooooooooo freaking hyper, but not so focused.

6. sometimes i forget my vocabulary

7. my teeth felt furry today and my stomach did it’s usual blethering about being i don’t know this.

all in all… was good, i’m happy, and energized and looking forward to tomorrow..which is one day closer to having some chewable nourishment  (:

i am curious about other peoples spiritual enlightenment or some suck thing i have read about….not feeling enlightened here..nor have i found the path i should be on..but i do have another FIVE days to go so….bring it me the light

the 'normal' me on day V

….living breathing and smiling.


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4 thoughts on “the glass is half full

  1. hello BIG HEAD NO CHIN!! You are doing great so proud of you!! I would be going insane by now for sure!!!!!!Love you!!!

    • kittyb

      thanks for the support you muchly XoXo

  2. Good job lol.. my don’t you look attractive in that top pic 🙂

    • kittyb

      …..being an “air”head works for me 🙂
      i sorta miss the lemonade drink sometimes

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