day III

Woke up feeling tired and out of sorts….weak and short of breath..kinda like I had the flu

I skipped the salt water flush as the tea from last night worked it’s magic before I even went to bed!

Drank a straight spoonful of  the lemonade mixture and then made my breakfast of tea…and more lemonade drink with water.

Packed up my  reserves and headed to hartless tattoos to get the Great Easter Bunny tattoo for my dad.

the Great EB

lil miss kitty did not want to be left out so she got a wee bit of inking too

thanks derek!

The Great EB would love it….happy birthday dad…. I miss you. Kisses and clicks

I think some of what I was feeling in the am was tattoo excitement….it went just fine…and yes I laughed at the ticklish parts….

i survived day 3 tattooing

Skipped down to pick up Shawna at work and off to her new house for an evening of hanging out with no food…Shawna is my partner in this and  is not feeling as good as she did the last time she cleansed…funny thing is that everyday of this cleanse I have ended up in the grocery store or some specialty food shop…Shawna and I went to food basic to get lemons and spent about 10 minutes just looking at food…now know to me as FOOD PORN 😛

Watched the movie Julie&Julia a movie about FOOD…omg what were we thinking ..but I can tell you I cannot wait to try Boeuf bourguignon a la Julia Childs stew..yum yum!


  1. The tea worked before I went to bed so in the am with no salt water flush I was able to get an easy start to the day…rule of thumb for this cleanse is 3-4 eliminations a day…I’m at about one..which is certainly fine by me..what the HELL would I be eliminating anyways I have had nothing but liquid in four days.
  2. Sleep is still restless and full of  very real moments and conversations with people I have not spoken nor seen in years.. some decades…and people that were not particularly long term close friends…interesting
  3. I’m not really feeling moody but I have felt a emotional surges the last 2 I was driving to the tattoo listening to CBC dad rocked out to (: and the tears started to come…of course the day was emotional for me..but it continued through the evening while watching movies. Not bawling but just tears and that feeling in the throat.

day 3 down only 7 more t  go….Bon appétite


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5 thoughts on “day III

  1. M3

    I Love the Tattoo, the footy ball n all.

    Just how many years does it take to cleanse such a dirty dirty KitTy ?? Heh hehhh hehhh….

  2. janer

    YYEEESSS!!!!! It’s beautiful miss.B, fucking awesome….love the bunny!

  3. CaMel

    The tattoo looks wonderful .. we watched that movie as well and I have gotten the gay man “mastering the art of french cooking” for xmas so perhaps you can come here to try that recipe as it is the first one that I am requesting he try. You are doing amazing on the cleanse. I look forward to seeing how the remaining days go.

    • kittyb

      it will be a few before i can dive into french food…but yum yum hells yes i will come taste your brothers cooking.
      thank you xo

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