day deux

day two down..and i feel really good.

how do i look?

alive and energized on day 2


1. sleep and i are not getting along..we may break up for a wee bit in fact.

….i sleep alright for about 4 hours then I start the toss and turn..EXTREMELY vivid dreams….talking with people I am thinking real i almost believe it happened…lolololol

2. my armpits are a bit better but we all like our own brand right?

3. headache was there when i woke…but i drank way more water today so now it seems to be easing off

4. salt water flushed worked alright…and fast…..was uncertain about leaving the house for a lil over an hour..but then fine for the day ……..wowowowowowo …the colour of my business  is bright freaking yellow….must be the lemons?

5. i was a tad cold..but it is winter in these here parts…so i just put on my long johns and bundled up to do some christmas shopping at Lee Valley yayay!

…..came home, hot bath, painted the tooties and did some gathering for the christmas stocking project

christmas ready..ho ho ho!

tea time soon :Q

tomorrow is day 3 and  a tattoo for dad!


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