i was poisoned

holy hellOkitty……so this last friday i took  the bubble in to the mechanic


bubbles the HKmobile

*seems like bubbles goes in every few weeks this  year..grrrrrr*

…..anyways had the snow tires put on…grrrrr again

and somewhere between, hitting a sushi joint while waiting on the kitty mobile’s new tire fitting and a home made egg sammie w/ some of the GREAT Pumpkin soup later that night.

….i got poisoned…

..and was up the whole night dying..or so i wished for at some points.

i do not recall ever….. in all my travels and adventures having had food poisoning. i’ve eaten bugs in thailand, drank drinks that SHOULD not be consumed in combination with each other, live octopus, chemotherarpy for f**k  sakes!!!!………..never have i experienced the force of this..thank the holy hellOkitty for that too…or else i may have not been so adventureous.

i am off eggs and sushi joints for a while i think.

still not quiet right..i’ve  had some soup, crackers and brown rice…but can eat very little…this on top of the NO wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar or berries…i should just switch to an iv bag now i guess….meh…i once loved food..now eating stresses me out ..boo ):


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One thought on “i was poisoned

  1. hey I finally got a chance to check out your blog. Thanks for the Random Order kudos. I have a lot of info/self research on food/allergy issues if you are interested. I am not “beating” ny “illnesses” but I believe that certain things are helping…It’s frustrating and I understand your plight…so email if you want and I hope that I can help in any way at least just knowing you’re not the only one fkg allergic to everything.

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