what’s for dinner?

i have been on an eating spree…

my loving friend Shawna A. Mazing gave me some cook books and i actually tried a few of the recipes

and now i am making variations of 3 of the meals from  Food Allergy Survival Guide …salads galore but the “sensational stuffed squash” is a fav of mine this time of year…….but when i find i am sans squash… just making the stuffing of brown rice, beans, kidney and or chickpea carrots, celery, onion, bok choy

textured  and tasteful food

textured and tasteful food

…and yes…sometimes i add meat.

…tonight was smoked chichken made by a very helpful and resourceful friend. thanks dave

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2 thoughts on “what’s for dinner?

  1. deelicious

    That salad looks like some tasty hypo-allergenic nourishment, ms. kitty. I want some!

    • kittyb

      more of a rice pilaf type meal in fact…and i have become quite handy at wiping up allergy safe yumminess….i think i must owe you a meal no???

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