where’s the gluten?

i’m hungry

when i wake up i’m hungry

i usually fall asleep a wee bit hungry

and i am starving throughout most of my day.

i am hungry.


……in the past year i have discovered after numerous tests and trails that i can no longer tolerate wheat, gluetn or dairy in my diet for health related reasons…so strong that i actually HAVE to  follow the new diet…and i do.

this means    NO dairy, or cheese, milk, butter, creme cheese spreads, extra large double double’s from timmies and the occasssional donut,  NO bread…you know the  fresh from the bakery, soft and doughy stuff……and anything wheat is in…and that is almost EVERYTHING i am learning.

i did not crave sugar and dairy until i could no longer have it.

do you know what gluten is?

its that mysterious something that makes everything stick together and have a tasty texture

i miss that..texture and taste


i am on a mission now …i spend many hours a day just foraging for my food…. okay well…..

thinking about IT,

researching IT,

planning IT,

preparing IT.

trying to figure out the *WHERE TO BUY* IT… is a whole new world of frustration..let alone the bank loan one needs to take out

my friends are incredible and are trying to help me and fit me into their worlds so i do not  miss out on fun foodie times…bbqing, parties,life..so much revolves around FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

so they shop for me..i LOVE my friends


wheat gluten free bread from The Bread Box * 24 Brydon Drive Toronto, M9W5R6*

wheat free kitty

wheat free kitty

but i gotta say..something is different about this bread…it’s is harder..feels different and has a sweet and salty taste to it..even toasted kitty doesn’t make it much tastier….but she does try


..i love to eat out..no dishes….being served….drinks…i miss that  life…and i’ve been craving.

….guilt laden food….fatty…..fried

entre …….Deep Blue Fish and Chips

provides just that..a glimpse into the “bad” world…….. but offers gluten and wheat free battered fish old skoool styles..along with tradtional fish n chips , jamican jerk and a delicious crab cake sandwich..so my friend tells me….

deep blue

deep blue

catch of the day..gluten free

catch of the day..gluten free

yummy..but you can’t fool me…..

it DOES taste different..

2 ppl, 2 pops. 2 baskets of fish and sweet potato chips..cost $21

fabulously quirky service by the guy with the eyes the colour of the sky.

eating adventures to continue


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