let’s go to the EX

the tell tale signs of summer’s end……………a trip to the  CNE with kitty and friends

the girlies

the girlies

midway mania…bright lights, blaring music from the rides,  games that very few ever win at, funnel cake, corn dogs and deep fried everything,  the petting zoo, shopping and a few new things just to make you feel like a wide eyed kid again.

…….treasures of the world found there way into our pockets and mouths..


so what does a builder eat for breakfast?

crisps from england

crisps from the british isles booth

…this dude really loves rocks.


crowds of people silent as church mice watching him methodically choosing his rocks…

rock art

rock art

the annual artery clogging trip to the  food building where you will find nothing your doctor recommends ….

pizza popsicles

pizza popsicles

and snacks too

pigs n chocolate..

pigs n chocolate..

who would have thunk?


after filling our faces we played some games

the water gun race

the water gun race

and won some prizes

monkey business

monkey business

then  kitty insisted we go see some of her furry friends from the farm

or is fed to the animals

kitty feeds the farm

a last look at the midway

lights at night

lights at night

before a numbing foot massage

the foot shaker

the foot shaker


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