kitty and playmates

went out for some fun girl chatter about the current state of trendsetters on Ossington….god heavens they do come in droves and such colourfulness..lolololololo

Tresor of Voodoo Bunny

Tresor of Voodoo Bunny

we ran further down to 751 queen street west to say  happy birthday to…………Jasmine the bestest bartender on the strip!

live your life!

live your life!


a visit to grandma’s home……kitty hangs with 92 yr old granny g

granny g

and helps finish off  a for all

kitty can bake

kitty can bake


rose, a new friend and fabulous hairstylist @ brennen demelo salon ..she cuts and colours…… helps kitty up after a fall

squish your head

squish your head..

thanks rose xo

and of course kitty attracts all types

….rose’s roommate, cass, has a lil taste of  the kitty

kitty love bites

kitty love bites


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