Pride..part ONE

i was so warmed up for Pride this year  i was almost in flames

“the queerest lil staright girl” and her lil kitty being wild and wicked


can you HEAR me laughing?

tap tap …is this thing on?

so…….. all started on the HUMPday before Pride, with a trip to the Gladstone Hotel for the weekly  Granny Boots night that presented the Madonna Show ……challenging racism within the queer scene, through entertaining, beautiful documentary-style multimedia performances and after the show….local dj… Kalmplex got the dance floor jumping with her dancehall mixes…..

the show was political, emotionally driven and thought provocking… humours and left us feeling ALright..soon the  smell of sweat and kisses took over the ballroom and it was dance… dance and dance some more.

best way to clear a dance floor…add 2 farting hippie fags….POOF…i slipped out like CINDYrella…day one of a long weekEND for kitty and me ..we needed to conserve our energy


thursday ~ the business @ Lee’s Palace..great show…funny times …where do these skinheads live the rest of the year?

kitty had a ball in the pit


friday ~ The Toronto Roller Derby CLAM SLAM 2009, a roller derby match between an all-queer Toronto Roller Derby team and a team of queer skaters from surrounding roller derby leagues.  The event promises Real Women, Real Hits, Real Heart.     Toronto Clam Diggers vs. Vagine Regime Canada

chicks on wheels

chicks on wheels

Clam Diggers Manager Gold L'Aimee

Clam Diggers Manager Gold L'Aimee

The Clam Slam

The Clam Slam

………AND a half time GAY DODGE BALL game…..woot..woot!

short shorts dodge ball

short shorts dodge ball

the staRR baller

the staRR baller

………….then a quick dash down to the Legion on the Lakeshore to catch the last set of Dodge Fiasco’s Dodge Ball


saturday ~ the dyke “dash”

don’t wanna miss it..starts at 2.04 pm and finishes at 2.26…HURRY

who’s on first?

vroom vroom..the dykes start with a rumble

dykes on bikes

dykes on bikes

second…the  people powered bikes

lil dykes on "bikes"

lil dykes on "bikes"

third ……..the honourary dyke group..TORD!

and the chicks on wheels

and the chicks on wheels

the ON~lookers

perving from  the sidelines

perving from the sidelines

still be apart of the show…….

the parade in STYLE

the parade in STYLE

i knew it…….. orange IS out!!!!

queer and political

team orange..........queer and political

…..and so the party begins….


party pics and da BOYZ coming …………. Pride part TWO


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