Mmmmmmm yummy food

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs  ……..the basics that a person requires for survival…….

shelter..check……water..check…………clothing..optional is some parts but here in canada…. hells yes check!

and FOOD…yummy food preferably i say

i am most fortunate to have some rock steady cooking friends in my world that  love to cook for others. i get to watch them work  their magic and there is an artistic cooking “trace” they get into. not only do i get fed some fantastically flavoured food. i get entertained too. thank you.

jane staRR rocks the “RIBfest in the park” with friends

and the salivating doesn’t stop there…pan seared salmon on a bed of raddicco, bacon and pine nuts….and some other ingredients i cannot recall but..wowow..DEElicious… kinda felt fancy too..oh my!!!

…….. thanks dee for your skills in the kitchen

mouth watering yumminess

mouth watering yumminess


an average weekday dinner @  staRR’s kitchen. i am sooooooo spoiled



smoke or die

smoke or die

and i deserve it too  xo


stay tuned:  adventures of misskitty @ Pride Toronto

dyke day breakfast

dyke day breakfast

jane staRR…now serving at the gladstone hotel…she rocks folks. i HIGHly recommend …and i don’t eat just any old crap

and the versatile..has had to learn about new ways to cook for me with my newly developed food sensitivities.

wheat, gluten and dairy free…oh my!

thanks jane..i would starve without you somedays

xo my sis……i like that.

yummmmmmmmmmmmYYYY *smacks lips*


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One thought on “Mmmmmmm yummy food

  1. Janer

    Psssst…I’m am cooking up a storm at the gladdy……Love you long time Miss Kitty, MEOW! Now come over and eat!! Janer

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