buBBles from Freestyle Factory

Bubbles make me smile
Everything  circles back around  eventually
Even those fashions we would prefer never to see  again

some of us are walking in circles….i broke out of the square box to live in my very own bubbly  life

………..always seeking new experiences… I finally found the right people  and theme  for my branding

bubbly kitty

bubbly kitty

Some like it hot…Hot….HOT

red means HOT

red means HOT

i ♥ TORCHure



The intensity of a brand vs a tattoo was described to me as this   ………..“ if a tattoo is a thread of string, a brand is a rope”  at that point I had the clearest sense of what it would feel like and I concur completely.

laughter is the best medicine

laughter is the best medicine

thank you Cass and Candy;  the lovely ladies that make up   FreestyleFactory@bell.net


modifying ones body takes time and a whole lotta pick, pick, picking
first peel of scabs was on day 7



scalpeling aide BOBBY VALEN helped take the tension off


awwwwwwwwww relief..the pain a few scabs can cause…………………….gezzzzzzzz who knew?

DSC00998 DSC01007


day 10

second pick/peel on day 10…
not as easy…the bubbles closer to my knee were deeper  and more puckered around the edges thus no “peel” occurred ….picking small pieces off one by one …grosssssssssssssssss…thankful to have my scab happy friend  to help me

sleep was a bit restless for the first week and left my bed looking like a DNA collection swab

 DNA crop circles

DNA crop circles

i look forward to seeing the end results…in about 6 to 12 months…what??????

for now i am blissful and madly in love with my bubbles that are PRIDE ready

day 16

day 16


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