boozy nights and boi’s in the park

you know there are some minutes/days/weeks and months of NONE STOP drinking

..must be summer

after  a night of vodka on a friend’s patio it was a dash for last call(s) @ 751 and the gladdy

note to self : get lights for the HK mobile…insane riding through the  “last call” craziness in downtown club district EEK

tipsy kitty

tipsy kitty

made it safely but probably didn’t that last drink

woke up LATE on saturday …missed my gym date…BOO..bad kitty

………felt a tad slow..and in need of  some sunshine and fun @ the park

it was  quickly decided it was going to be an “upskirt” day

swinging good times

swinging good times

and  some fun on the play ground

kitty on a slipper slope

kitty on a slipper slope

matching  heads and bodies

matching heads and bodies

one is a lonely number @ the park…

anyone want to play?

anyone want to play?

thankfully that is when these  boi’s rolled up!

here kitty ...kitty

here kitty ...kitty

…how to recoup from the night before…

replenish your VITamins

replenish your VITamins

get some excercise

get some excercise

get outside nd hang with some friends

hang with some friends

all in all a good weekend


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