childFREEdom, Kitty and a concert

i moved to the sixth floor of my first “adult” apt. 2 months ago.

adult = elevators and parkay floors and underground parking.

where did all the adults go?

children above me… 2 of them sound like 2o,

running in the halls and playing tag on the elevators

i am happy to be childFREE…now i just wish my building was

the world is OVERPOPULATED stop breeding..please (:

……….still unpacking…..yes really

what ..after 2 months you don’t still have some boxes?

new jobs on the go, new body art,  the gym and  riding my bike aimlessly ( yes its an HK bike) are filling up time  these days

………..tuesday night HELLO KITTY   went to NIN and Jane’s Addiction..

NIN very odd

kitty says ” Perry Ferrel is still super skinny and a tad mushy in the brain,, BUT , he did have on a very nice corset”

75% or the shows’ patrons were males..

drunk as all f*ck..

apparently there were more than 150 police assisted incidents that night.

oh so text book

people watching vs the concert



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