what do you love?

hello kitty is not just for kids anymore
MAC and Sanrio come together and spend huge cash in advertising the HK line of cosmetics….

kitty goes wild for MAC

…but what is with the “bondage gimps”?


friday the 13th….freaky friday, a day of potential calamity and bad luck

OR………….the purrrrrrrrrrfect day for kitty and some friends to head out on the town.

happy birthday Mike J and Vicki

kitty @ 4.20

kitty @ 4.20

kitty out shopping

kitty out shopping

kitty waits for the ttc

kitty and calamity jane wait for the ttc

kitty rides the ttc

kitty rides the ttc...don't forget your transfer to show the ttc popo when asked

Hallmark will not getting any of my money, nor will any local flower or candy shop.
love is a complicated word

The word love is both a verb and a noun
like so many english words, it can mean so many different things

trusty old wikipedia says….
“Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection[1] and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction”

“hard to define” even

there is romantic love,
love for friends….usually platonic, unless you have those friends with “benefits”,
love for family,
love/devotion to your god,
or if no god love for SELF! yay!

…what about love for inanimate objects…..or love for an activity, sport, hobby?

i love hello kitty this i know for certain.
she makes me smile …no matter what i am feeling at that moment
i do not know but love is like that.
it just happens.
it’s a feeling.
it’s an emotion….ever try stopping an emotion?
i love jackASS and halo kitty to pieces. they also make me smile and i want to kiss and squeeze them all the time
…that feeling is pure l.o.v.e.

do we need a day, one set by big business to get “our” business, to remind us to love?
i hope not
i love everyday and i wish love to everyone today and all days.

happy VD to all 😛


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